Ultimate OE – Wilderness Cooking

The Ultimate OE wilderness cooking programme is designed to run in conjunction with our Canadian hunting and equine programmes. It is designed for those who want the experience of living and working in the Canadian wilderness but do not see themselves as a hunting guide or a horseback guide. You can choose to either work for a hunting outfitter in the very remote (fly in only) backcountry or work for one of our guest ranches in the semi-remote wilderness. 

We have established relationships with a large number of wilderness-based employers in Canada that require hard working cooks that are also up for a bit of an adventure! 

Our wilderness cooking programme is based on an online learning programme that you can complete at your own pace in your own time. You will learn the basic skills and knowledge you need to have before you arrive in Canada as well as the fundamentals of your chosen industry (hunting or horseriding).

If you love to prepare food, meeting new people and you’re up for a once in a lifetime adventure this programme is for you.

What will I be doing?

We provide paid staff to a range of different outdoor based employers across Canada. We have a range of placements to cover off several different industries. The locations of each employer vary from “very remote” to “less remote” and they serve a number of different outdoor-based activities. Specifically we provide cooking positions to the horse riding (guest ranching), dog sledding and hunting industries across Canada. We customize each placement for each graduate and match you up with your ideal placement/employer. In short, we’re not going to place you in a situation where you are out of your depth, uncomfortable or somewhere where you have no interest.

Some placements involve cooking for up to 30 guests at one time while others may only be cooking for 3 or 4 at a time. Depending on the placement day to day duties will vary. Some involve horses, some involve fly in fly out camps only while some camps are only accessible by boat!

Applicants may be excited by more remote placements while others may prefer to be less remote and placed closer to the main tourist centres. During the application process, we’re happy to discuss what option best suits you, we’re committed to providing a once in a lifetime opportunity in Canada.

What do I get for my investment?

Information Pack:

In order to secure the best cooking jobs, we can and make sure you’re ready for the challenge on arrival we have worked with our employers and past cadets to put together a very useful information pack that will prepare you for working as a wilderness cook in Canada. We cover everything from some common recipes used, health and hygiene regulations, gratuities and dealing with paying clients, bear safety, the hunting regulations (for hunting based placements), guest ranches (for riding based placements), and everything else in-between. 

Support with visa, departure and arrival guide:

We will help you to acquire your work visa in Canada and provide detailed information and maps on how to acquire your social insurance number, bank account, and drivers license once you arrive in Canada. We also provide discounted accommodation options in Vancouver and support on how to transfer domestically to your job location.

Paid Placement:

We have a large range of different wilderness cooking jobs available. Placements will be determined by the level of cooking experience, maturity level, and individual goals. We place the most suitable people with the most suitable employers in Canada based on your previous experience and what we see from you during the training course.

We have placements for everyone in the program. You should be prepared to work hard and have a passion for experiencing something new.

 – Standard Wilderness Cooking Package – 

$ 2449 NZD 

A standard package includes the online learning course and a paid cooking placement with one of our employers in Canada. This will give you approximately* 3 months paid work, this can be longer depending on the type of employers and season you work. We have a large range of different cooking jobs available. Where you’re placed will be determined by your level of cooking experience, your level of maturity and what you hope to gain out of the experience. We endeavor to place you with the employer that is best aligned with what you hope to gain out of the experience. The standard package also includes a professional visa service to help streamline the process of obtaining your Canadian working visa.

We have placements to provide for the most experienced cooks/chefs to those with basic home cooking experience. You should be prepared to work hard and be driven by the experience of something new in both cases.

– Couples Cooking Package –

If you’re currently in a relationship with someone registered for our Canadian hunting or Scottish Hunting programme and wish to travel as a “couple” and work for the same employer then this could be an option for you. Please contact us directly for more information about this discounted option: [email protected]


Applications for the 2019 season close on the 1st March 2020. Once we receive your application we will be in contact regarding the next step. If you don’t hear from us within two weeks please email us to confirm that we have received it.



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