– Testimonials – 

We are proud to say we have had hundreds of young adventurers travel with us over the years.


Here is some of their feedback.

Canadian Hunting Experience

“Hey all my name is Tim Pope, I’m from South Canterbury. I have hunted as long as I could walk. I spent 8 years being a builder and thought it was time to head off over seas, then ULTIMATE OE came up on Facebook and all I could think of was that is the perfect experience!

I completed the course in 2015 and headed on over to Northern BC where I got to experience all aspects of the Canadian back country from wrangling horses, cutting trail and even got to step up and guide a few moose and goats. From an epic 1st season I had the chance to come back in 2016 and 2017 and be a guide for stone sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Grizzly, Caribou. From South Canterbury to Northern BC I can’t even begin to express how amazing this journey has been! It’s all thanks to Matt and Kuran at ULTIMATE OE for making a dream come true and I hope a lot of others get to experience what I got to.


– Tim Pope

“Working as a Wrangler in Northen BC was an amazing experience that I will never forget. From hunting Stone Sheep up high in the mountains to watching a giant bull moose come charging in, there are so many awesome memories.

Ultimate OE helped me go places I never thought I could. With the knowledge
gained from Matt and Kuran, I felt I was prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. Cheers guys”

– Patrick Jefferson

Ultimate OE has helped me transform from a Refrigeration tech, recreational hunter/fisherman to a BC hunting wrangler and now guide. Teaching the basic need to know skills like some horsemanship (previously had zero experience with horses), proper head skinning techniques, what to do should you encounter a bear, just to list a few. The assistance provided in obtaining the correct Visas before I left, then the bank account, SIN number and a handy place to stay once in Vancouver proves this course to be an absolute gem!

When I arrived at camp in Canada the skills provided in the NZ training course proved to be a massive help enabling me to be able to hit the ground running. I can’t thank Matt and Kuran enough for showing me the world I would have never been able to explore and call home for 3 months a year.

Like myself, the Ultimate OE hunting experience could be one of the best investments you make.

– Ben Barney

Equine Experience – Canadian Guest Ranch

“I completed the Ultimate OE Equine program in 2016 and traveled to Canada that year to work as a horseback guide in the rocky mountains. The crew at Ultimate OE secured me an awesome job working for a great family here in Canada, I have met some amazing people and learned so much during my OE (still here in Canada!). I wouldn’t change a thing and would like to thank Matt and Kuran for all their help along the way! “

– Melsia Topley

“Leaving NZ to see the big wide world is a hard thing to do alone, having employment waiting in Canada along with help to plan everything made it easy. My horse experience was everything I could have ever wished for, I was placed on a ranch that suited me more than words can describe, it wasn’t a job it was heaven. Spending every day on horseback with amazing people trekking across the vast amount of landscape, what more could I ask for. I also got to experience local cattle ranches and help with branding, rodeos and much more. Without Ultimate OE this never would have been possible. Thank you so much you made my dream come true!”

– Cherie McGaveston

“Ultimate OE placed me on a guest ranch in the Alberta Rockies. It was the perfect placement for me! As I was able to experience everything from leading trail rides to cooking bear, moose, and elk on a 14-day hunt camp. My boss was the real deal and taught me all the tricks of the trade. My experience was priceless and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Cheers lads”

– Grace Goodman

Wilderness Cooking Experience

“I originally signed up for the Ultimate OE Equine experience but after having a few conversations with Matt I decided that a wilderness cooking placement would suit me better. I love horses but guiding on horse back didn’t interest me as much as experiencing the remote wilderness from the perspective of a wilderness cook. It meant that I got to experience the best of both worlds spending time around horses but also getting into some of the most remote and beautiful countries that Northern British Columbia has to offer.

I would like to thank Matt and Kuran for their guidance and steering me into what was one of the greatest experiences of my life!”

– Ashley Adam (2015)

“Adventure, Awe Inspiring, Challenging , Breath taking, Incredible Beauty, Vast, Pushing yourself to your ultimate endurance – are a few things that pop into our minds when we reflect on our experience of Canada it really is a once in a life time adventure that if you have any interest in the Wilderness and Hunting (or horses) you should try!

Without Matt & Kuran this adventure really wouldn’t have been possible – the training they provide is a must for preparing you for the Canadian Wilderness and what to expect when faced with the different species you will be dealing with/ seeing, Guiding and riding on a daily basis. Their network of Outfitters and the ability they have to match you up to an outfitter makes for a great placement meaning your personal experience is all it can possibly be.”

– Morgan Monahan (2016)

“I traveled to Canada with my husband Tim in 2015. I worked as a wilderness cook while Tim worked as a wrangler in a hunting camp in Northern BC. Ultimate OE gave us the opportunity to travel and experience Canada together as a couple. We saw moose and bears and the Northern Lights and so much more. It was an incredible experience that neither of us will forget. Thanks for your help, guys!”

– Bex Charteris (2015)