Hunting Experience – Canada

Overview – 


Paid work in the Canadian hunting industry, work as a wrangler, assistant guide or packer in the mountains of Canada hunting Moose, Sheep, Caribou, Bears and Mountain Goats. The ultimate working holiday for young Kiwis and Australians. Training before you leave, ensures the best most adventurous job possible with the top outfitters in Canada.


Background – 

The Ultimate OE Canadian hunting program has been running since 2012 and it is the only one of its kind in the world. Over the years we have placed over 300 young kiwis into hunting or horse riding based employment in Canada. Our unique model of training before you travel has allowed us to build close relationships with our employers in Canada who look forward to their new Ultimate OE cadet every season.

If you are passionate about hunting, the outdoors, adventure and have a good work ethic then the hunting program is for you. Riding through the mountains on horseback hunting exciting new animals like Moose, Mountain Goats and Stone Sheep is a once in a lifetime experience and truly the Ultimate OE for a keen young adventurers between 18 and 35 years of age. 

Please note those accepted into the programme will be required to complete a horse riding log before we train in March that proves a minimum of 20 hours horse work (riding and working with horses on the ground). This will ensure that all cadets will have basic experience with horses so that we can maximize the learning of new western and horse packing based instruction during the course. If you require further clarification please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Placement Options

Fall Hunting Placement – Is the premium and most popular Canadian hunting season. A paid work placement in Northern BC, Yukon or NWT working for an outfitter hunting all the popular big game species of Canada such as Moose, Grizzly, Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Caribou, and Wolf. Fall placements are often remote and involve long periods of time in the wilderness. Every placement is different but in general, a placement will involve preparing the outfit for the hunting season, helping directly with the hunting during the season and then shutting things down for the winter post season. Most of our graduates are placed as wranglers or assistant guides. Specific day-to-day duties will vary with every placement and hunting is usually conducted on horseback in most areas. This is Ultimate OE’s number one and most popular placement option, if you’re up for an adventure, like to be challenged and as a result, enjoy big rewards; this is the placement for you. (Mid July – Early Oct)*

Spring Placement – Our Spring/summer placements typically revolve around the spring Black Bear season and/or agricultural work. Positions include general labor, guides, assistants guides and general camp help. This experience usually gets underway in the spring and is typically based on a homestead/lodge in close proximity to populated towns in either Alberta or Saskatchewan. The spring/summer season is a great way to enter Canada earlier and get involved in the different aspects of the industry prior to the fall season. A popular add-on to a Fall placement. (Mid April – Mid June)*

Winter Hunting Placement – placements are largely based around outfitting for Whitetail deer during in winter conditions. We do however have a limited number of winter Mountain Goat, Mountain Lion and Water Fowl positions available. Positions include guides, assistant guides, and camp helpers. Those who partake in the winter hunting placements usually go straight into winter hunting camp after finishing a fall placement. The winter hunting experience is very different from what you will get during any other season as it’s conducted in often very cold winter conditions. Another great experience to add to the Ultimate OE. (Early October till mid-December)*

Winter ski resort placements – Full-time work at a Canadian ski resort. If you wish to remain living and working in Canada outside of the hunting industry for the entire winter this additional placement is a great option. We have access to a huge range of jobs with a large number of popular ski resorts in Canada. These placements are a great way to see a different side of Canada – although this paid work we describe this placement a lot more “social”. (October until May/June)*

* These are approximate dates; weather and often snowfall can dictate the length of the hunting, farming and ski seasons. This can result in seasons being cut short or extended. Our outfitters are based throughout Canada and as a result, they are all affected differently by the weather.

How it Works

All applicants much purchase a basic package, this includes a fall hunting season. The NZ based training program and professional visa service to help you obtain your Canadian work permit. If you wish to add an additional season or seasons to your standard package you can. This is a great way to extend your stay in Canada, extend the period of paid work we provide you and experience a new a different type of work/hunting outside of your basic package option. For example you can choose to do a fall placement only –  or you could do a spring placement followed by a fall placement – or you could choose to do all three hunting seasons back to back.

Where and when is the training course?

We’re now taking applications for 2020 Canadian hunting season. Dates for the training course for 2020 will be the 14th of March (Saturday) through to the 23rd of March (Monday) 2020.  A shuttle from Christchurch airport will be available to transport successful applicants to and from the training facility in Waimate.  The course will be a mix of practical and theoretical skills tailored to what you need to know in order to hit the ground running in Canada. The training is designed to be Canadian specific and directly related to your placements in Canada. The Ultimate OE training program is the reason we can secure our graduates the best-paid hunting jobs in Canada with the most professional and trusted outfitters in the industry. Some examples of subjects we cover during the course include horseriding, horse care, western tack, packing horses, chainsaw, backcountry first aid, head skinning, guiding, wrangling, hunting Canadian game animals, Canadian game law, the hunting industry and much more. The curriculum is made up of all the practical and theoretical elements Ultimate OE and/or employers in Canada deem to be important. A summary of the course content is available on request.

DEADLINES Applications for the 2020 season are due to close on the 1st of March, 2020. Once we receive your application we will be in contact regarding the outcome. If you don’t hear from us advising you of the outcome of your application within three weeks please email us to confirm that we have received it.

– Basic Hunting Package –

One Hunting Season (Fall) One fall hunting season + UOE training (typically the main or longest hunting season in Canada). Paid employment for 2.5 – 3 months**.

You can choose to add an additional hunting season or seasons to your basic package to increase the duration of your employment in Canada (see additional hunting seasons opposite) You can choose to add an additional hunting season or seasons to your basic package to increase the duration of your employment in Canada (see additional hunting seasons opposite)

Ultimate OE Training Program Content

  • Riding horses, packing horses, pack trains
  • Head skinning, trophy prep, and turning
  • Tack, gear, equipment
  • Hunting Canadian animals
  • Canadian Firearms Licence (PAL)
  • Canadian game law and regulations
  • Chainsaw Training
  • Back Country First Aid (Canadian Red Cross)
  • Bear safety and behaviour
  • Outfitting industry and client interaction
  • Professional Wrangling and Guiding
  • Canadian visa and travel insurance support

The standard hunting package also includes a professional visa service to help streamline the process of obtaining your Canadian working visa. $5000 + GST

– Additional Hunting Seasons –

Summer Placement Additional summer placement added to your fall season basic package and adds an addition 1 – 2 months of paid employment to your experience package. Summer placements are normally agricultural based (ranch work) but sometimes can include some spring hunting work.  

Add $1400 + GST to basic hunting package Winter Hunting Season

Additional winter hunting placement added to your package and will add between 1 and 2 months additional paid employment to your experience package.

Add $1400 + GST to basic hunting package

Winter Ski Resort Season

Additional winter ski season placement – skis seasons typically run from October through to mid-March depending on the snowfall/base on the mountain.

Add $850 + GST to basic hunting package 

Wilderness Cooking – Canadian Hunting Camp

Alternatively, you can apply to work as a wilderness cook with one of our hunting outfitters. This is a great option if you want to be a part of the hunting industry but do not see yourself as a hunting guide/wrangler. Hunting based wilderness cooking placements typically mirror the fall hunting season (basic hunting package) 2.5 to 3 months in duration*.

$2130 + GST – Standard

$1800 + GST – (couples placement – if you have a partner in the hunting programme and wish to be placed at the same outfit)

* These are approximate dates and work periods; weather and often snowfall can dictate the length of the hunting, farming and ski seasons. This can result in seasons being cut short or extended. Our outfitters are based throughout Canada and as a result, they are all affected differently by weather, seasons, regulations and operational restrictions.

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