Canadian Guest Ranch - Application Form

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To the best of your knowledge - we will help you make your final decision during the interview process so that we're putting your profile in front of the most logical employers for the right job for you. Feel free to check more than one.
It's a safety requirement for those working in a guide or wrangling position that you be able to easily mount a 16 hand horse, repeatedly, from the flat ground without the aid of a mounting block, stool, or other mounting aid. You will be required to provide video proof of this action as part of your profile if you're accepted into the programme. Not as important for other jobs but answer honestly.
What are you currently doing with your life?
What qualifications do you have that relates (directly or indirectly) to the guest ranching/horse riding industry in Canada - this will vary depending on what job you are looking to get (guide, wrangler, cook, etc)
What have you done in the past/currently for full time, part-time, or volunteer work
Check the box that best describes your current physical fitness
What else do you enjoy spending your time doing?
Honest summary of your contact with horses, even if it's limited.
Brief outline of your experience
Be honest - again we will make sure that you're applying for the most logical job within your skillset during the interview.
Be honest about why you want to work in the Canadian guest ranching industry
Only relevant if you're applying for a backcountry cooking of lodge cooking experience
Don't get too carried away, brief honest summary is great
For example customer service, teaching, volunteering, dealing with members of the public
We will require one if you're accepted into the programme at a later date, if you have one handy then please upload it, if you don't have a current one on hand then just keep in mind we will require one at some point during this process.
This is not compulsory at this stage, but if you like you can upload a short (under a minute) video of yourself as an introduction to help us process your application, sometimes it's nice to see the real you rather than just a form!